Song of the Week

Um. Of course.

In case you weren’t aware, the person behind this blog is serious kpop fangirl.

Ok well I take that back. I’m a BigBang fangirl who occasionally accepts that other kpop groups/singers exist.

But really. BigBang is the best.

And I, your dear blogger, have decided to ever so graciously instruct you all on the ways of kpop. So when it “happens” (cause I think it actually might this time) over here, you will not be caught unawares.


When I have time.

Regardless, enjoy the first release from BigBang’s new mini-album (I’ll explain that concept eventually) “Alive” called…”Blue”.

I defy you not to end up randomly singing “I’m singing my bluuuuuues” at some point today. Shit is catchy, yo.


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