Shikagoland Reads the Headlines: Olympics Edition

Back before I had this blog (that I barely have time to update) I had a LiveJournal (that I barely had time to update). However, in 2010 something changed all that: THE WINTER OLYMPICS.

Suddenly I couldn’t update enough. I felt compelled to get up every morning (or sometimes stay up very late) to get my random giggly thoughts about the Olympics out of my brain so that my ten LJ friends people could read them.

Lets cross our fingers that the Summer Olympics inspire the same fervor. Leggo.

Londoner selling bags making fun of a  ‘fat american family’

Well thats just RUDE

However, I mean. I’d be thinner if I was faced with the option of eating British food every day or starving… OH YES I DID.

Then and Now: Beijing’s 20o8 Olympic venues – While it appears that the gorgeous “Birds Nest” gets some use, this slideshow proves that most Olympic venues have not only fallen out of use, but into disrepair. When I was flipping through this last night all I could think was what if some guy who rowed in the Olympics wanted to bring his family to the spot where he claimed Olympic glory? I’m pretty sure seeing this would taint the memory a little. Bummer.

Olympic Weighlifter Finally Wins — With Fashion – I was ready to be all snarky about this (as if her clothing is more important that her being a bad ass Olympic athlete) but…I can’t because I understand her problem all too well. And every woman deserves the right to look kick ass while kicking ass.

Random Olympics gif time!

Olympic Mascots: Cute or Creepy? IDK. I mean I’m not sure exactly how to feel about some big blobby mutated Teletubby looking thing with one massive eyeball wondering around. But London I’m happy for you an imma let you finish but Atlanta had the worst Olympic mascot of all time.

U.S. Olympic Uniform Controversy Rages On – Possibly Unpopular Opinion time: the government doesn’t fund Olympic athletes. During the 2010 Winter Games I became extremely attached to our speed skaters. As a result I’ve learned a lot about the financial stresses on most of these athletes just to be able to compete on behalf of a country that forgets they exist except during one month every four years. You know those heart warming commercials about Home Depot hiring so many athletes? They aren’t working their for fun. So. These government officials can just piss off with all their hand wringing and rage over the Olympic uniforms being made in China. How about they DO THEIR JOBS and promote growth in the manufacturing sector IN AMERICA.

And now, for my favorite story that comes around every time the Olympics are being held: Olympic athletes are shaggin’ their free time away and there are NOT ENOUGH CONDOMS – This reminds me of my pledge during the winter Olympics to take up curling so that I’d have an excuse to hang out and…um…compete…in Sochi. I need to get on that.

You can keep your track stars and divers. Winter Olympians do it better.

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